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can we ever have enough, we are never satisfied

Can We Ever Have Enough?

Everyone dreams of that time in their life when they finally make enough money to be able to do anything they like, buy anything they feel like buying and eat whatever they feel like eating no matter how expensive. We all want to spend as much as we want regardless of when or where. That is the ultimate dream for most people. Well, myself included (I think). If you ever reach that point in your life, you’ll most probably want to retire and live like the proverbial rich man. Sleep, eat and make merry.

Following the words or Bruno Mars in the song “Billionaire”, he wants to buy all the things he never had. Praiz in the song “Rich & Famous” wants to buy his mum a range rover (https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Praiz/Rich-Famous) . Likewise, we all have different intentions driving us to be rich, wealthy and famous like the celebrities we see on TV. With the different targets we have set, come different landmarks. Some consider making a million dollars their own definition of wealth. Some would not agree that they are wealthy until they are billionaires. Some want 5 Porsche cars in their garage before they consider themselves rich. This brings me to only one conclusion. The word “rich” is actually relative.

Food for thought

If you ever reach and cross your landmark, will you really be ready to retire? Will you really be satisfied to just live the rest of your life in the proverbial Sleep-Eat-Merry cycle. I don’t think so. Why do we never want to stop making money? Why are we never satisfied? We seem to never have enough, and even when we get to the very top, we still wish there were something or somewhere higher we could aspire to.

In my own opinion, I have come to the conclusion that human beings can only really be content under pressure. We are only content when we have a goal at hand, something or things we are pursuing every of our waking moments.

As untenable as this might sound to you, just take a few moments to reflect on it. First, all you just want is a B in that crazy course.  Then when you get the B, your mind starts wondering about the A and the A+. All you wish for after your degree program is a job that pays N800,000 per month. If you manage to get that, I give you just a few months, then you will want N1,300,000 per month. And it doesn’t stop there.


What is the whole point of the chase then if the finish line keeps shifting backward?

Enough work?

Even the highly successful ones sometimes never want to retire. ( https://www.hippo.co.za/blog/insurance/nevertirees/) I refer once again to my statement: “Humans are only content under pressure”. Maybe because that is what gives us a sense of direction, purpose and fulfilment. Maybe it is what develops into happiness and satisfaction. Maybe that’s why.

Realistically, happiness seems like the answer to some of the questions I’ve asked above, and I think Satisfaction can take care of the rest. That might be because happiness is not really quantifiable. Not something you can buy with money. Money can buy comfort. That is all it can do. It cannot buy happiness or satisfaction.


The more money you have, the more needs you get, the more responsibilities you get and then, the more money you want. Since you can’t ever get enough of money, don’t chase money. Chase happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment. Try to be at your best all the time even if you are not the best. With that, I think, life should be a lot easier for everyone.


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