Mouse Lock? No Problem

mouse lock
If you have ever encountered a mouse lock (touchpad stops working) while operating your laptop, then you will understand how that feels like. Could be the system acting up or it could be that you mistakenly disabled it yourself, but it does happen. Your laptop’s touchpad just locks up and the cursor stops moving or responding to your touches. It’s okay.
Most times, once you restart your system (like we said last week), problem’s gone. But really, here is the straight-forward solution. 

Soon as your Touch pad locks up:

Do this:
Ø  Press the windows button on your keyboard.

Ø  Type mouse in the search box.
Ø  Press Enter Key soon as the Mouse option is highlighted.
Ø  Ensure that the selections focus is the first button.
Ø  Use your left arrow to move to the touchpad settings option.
Ø  Press Tab Key until the Touchpad Enable option is highlighted.

Ø  Press Enter Key

You are good to go.
In case its not just your mouse hanging up, if its your entire system just hanging, you should read this :
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