I feel my heart drawn to you
a tug, and another
like the twing twang
of folk guitar

Pulling me back
even as I make to draw
farther away from you

Wondering, deeply
how the heart chooses
and loves
As I feel powerless

Just a night misread
A line in the sand, crossed
Gave a scar, hurtful
tears in me, even as I write

I cried, broken for days
For you hurt me
Can’t describe the pain


You in my arms
your voice,
the soothing grittiness
stuff of my daydreams

Desire, so strong
As I love you.

Techie since 2010. Awesome at computer programming, music, writing and Logic. Born and raised in the early nineties in the iconic city of Ibadan. I have a B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Ibadan and a range of diplomas, certifications and cutting-edge skill sets in diverse areas including web development, android application development, public speaking, leadership and management, security cameras, satellite installations, etc.

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