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A Flutter Story – 0

I started using Flutter in October of 2018 and I haven’t looked back once. Not like I’ve had any serious reason to. I had just got taken off a major project at work and assigned to something urgent. A mobile application. I am no newbie to mobile application development, and I wrote my first mobile/web app in 2013 using Wakanda. (Not the MCU version).

By mid 2015, I was a certified Android Developer and Google facilitator, so I knew my way around the android ecosystem a bit. Notwithstanding, I had made a bit of foray into the world cross-platform mobile application development with Phonegap and Framework7. At that time, my coworkers and techie friends would not just stop talking about React Native. They said it was the next big thing and showed me apps. I didn’t care, still don’t.

Maybe I did a bit, for I tried writing a little to do app with React Native. Wasn’t bad, but at the same time, there was too much stuff under the hood that I couldn’t figure out. A part of me was just too wary. I get wary like that when something is over hyped. (See Hype Driven Development), and I still remembered what happened with Parse Server. (It was supposed to kick firebase in the nuts).

Long story short, I was very reluctant to leave Google’s Developer Ecosystem. (Same way I would never dream of leaving Microsoft’s Developer Network). Then I found Flutter, and I was hooked in 5 minutes. It was simple.

Google (my love) had something I could use for X platform dev, without leaving my beloved Android Studio, in a Language (Dart) very similar to Javascript ( which ironically was my first serious language, but I now have a Love/Hate relationship with). A little reading and tutorials later. I was hooked.  15 minutes later, I had it setup in my studio and had run a Hello World App.

2 hours and some more reading/research later, I had a simple item list/detail app running with awesome UI, navigation and animation.

That’s all it took.

6 days later, I had a alpha version of an API connected app (the project mentioned at the beginning) running smoothly and looking cool.

It’s almost 7 months now, I have 4 Flutter Apps on the playstore (2 in full production, 2 in beta). I have another major app, and Payment Systems Package in development.  I haven’t looked back. I don’t think I ever will. I am now a Flutter Evangelist.


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7 thoughts on “A Flutter Story – 0

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