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A Flutter Story – 0

I started using Flutter in October of 2018 and I haven’t looked back once. Not like I’ve had any serious reason to. I had just got taken off a major project at work and assigned to something urgent. A mobile application. I am no newbie to mobile application development, and I wrote my first mobile/web

RaP I : Blandaj

I tell my secrets to a bottle Lob into a river; Hope I get some peace of mind Would have done better with a little sight of hind Easy on the soft and show a sliver of the rind Peace, that’s a concept; I can’t get in sight Love only visits; on a certain night


I feel my heart drawn to you a tug, and another like the twing twang of folk guitar Pulling me back even as I make to draw farther away from you Wondering, deeply how the heart chooses and loves As I feel powerless Just a night misread A line in the sand, crossed Gave a

Why do scientists use formulas?

Every scientist knows that we breathe, smell and live formulas. These range from the simplest mathematical formulas (of which I consider the rectangle- area equation to be the simplest) to the highly complex quantum physics equations, formulas are what we live by. I remember the high school days when our own personal judgement of the

IEMBER: Beats to my Thoughts

Just released an original instrumentals compilation. All produced by myself, titled Iember. Listen and Download at https://soundcloud.com/hash-1-1/sets/iember

Read Excel with vb.net

Lookup Cell Value in MS-Excel VB.Net

I Ran into a snag with this stuff in a vb.net program I was working on recently. Searched online and found a lot of confusing, not really functional answers. So, built on the ideas and came up with this. It Works perfectly, VB.Net, pretty sure any C# person can translate to C#, and hence, Java,

the problem with smart people

The Problem With Smart People

The problem with smart people is that they often think they know more than everyone else. Maybe they do, but that does not help them when they are trying to get others to buy whatever they are selling. One of the biggest challenges of always trying to be one step ahead of everyone is the

mouse lock

Mouse Lock? No Problem

If you have ever encountered a mouse lock (touchpad stops working) while operating your laptop, then you will understand how that feels like. Could be the system acting up or it could be that you mistakenly disabled it yourself, but it does happen. Your laptop’s touchpad just locks up and the cursor stops moving or

can we ever have enough, we are never satisfied

Can We Ever Have Enough?

Everyone dreams of that time in their life when they finally make enough money to be able to do anything they like, buy anything they feel like buying and eat whatever they feel like eating no matter how expensive. We all want to spend as much as we want regardless of when or where. That


First, Restart

When your computer or device messes up, the first thing you usually do is panic. That is soooo wrong. The first thing you should do is Restart. A lot of people don’t realize the power there is in restarting a computer or a device. I personally can’t even tell you I understand why it works so well,  but it does work,

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