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I was born in the early nineties in the iconic city of Ibadan. That makes me Nigerian. My name in full is Samson Kolawole Okemakinde. My friends address me with my name or with aliases like C-Spydo, HashOne and Samy.


I’ve had all of my formal education in Ibadan. Starting from Morning Star International School, to Stars Comprehensive College, to the University of Ibadan. So, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.. Asides from formal education, I have a range of diplomas and certifications in diverse areas including web development, android application development, public speaking, leadership and management, security cameras, satellite installations, etc.


Samson currently works as a Software & Web Developer for Bytelab Technologies, Ibadan. I also do freelance work with regular diversions into the teaching, instruction and dissemination of computer/technological knowledge.


I take a special interest in music and arts and I have been an active recording/performing musician in recent times. Right now, I mostly specialise in songwriting, music production and sound engineering. Recently, I release an instrumental compilation. Along with my other musical works, it’s available on my soundcloud. In addition, I have been recently involved in the production of an online podcast titled The Talk Show with four episodes released to very good reception. Also, I directed a few episodes of a Yoruba Online TV Show (Akakogbon). One episode released so far on youtube. All available media content can perused under the Arts section of the navigation bar.

I have been a writer for almost 14 years now with reasonable success in freelance journalism during my high school and university days. I write on a range of topics and be sure to check out the blog section.

Generally, I’m a pretty normal guy (at least that’s what I think). A constant thinker, and a doer. I get a lot of ideas, I am seriously creative & versatile, and I like to get my ideas to work. I am an avid reader who loves to gain and share knowledge. Above all, I just wanna be happy, and see my people happy.

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